The Network Salary Survey Guide

The Network's Salary Guide FY 2024

We’ve compiled this updated Salary Survey using a wide range of market data, in conjunction with our clients and by using actual placement data from the IT recruitment sector.

It’s a challenging, yet hugely rewarding time to be in our industry. We hope you’ll read the survey and utilise the insights to the betterment of yourself and your teams.

In our last edition of the survey released in Jan 2023 we discussed the global technology redundancies and how they had yet to impact the Australian sector. Much has changed since then, with the impact of these global headwinds well and truly reaching Australia. These uncertain times coupled with a rapid rise in interest rates has put the brakes on the rapid growth times we’ve seen over the last 2+ years.

What does that mean for the labour market? Download our Guide to find out!

Download The Network's Salary Guide to find out more: