The Network Interview Prep Tips

​​The Network's Tips for Interview Preparation

With The Network always working hard to have your resume read and your name heard, it won’t be long before our recruitment knowledge combined with your expertise, secures you the interview you have been waiting for. This stage is more competitive than ever in the IT industry. At The Network, we understand this can often be a daunting prospect, so we’ve outlined some guidelines to ensure a stress-free and confident interview process. It’s time to seal the deal!

Plan Ahead

Everyone knows planning for an interview is key and that turning up with the hope of ‘winging it’ won’t cut it in today’s competitive IT market…simply studying the company’s website homepage isn’t enough! With organisations sharing personal stats more publicly than ever before, we suggest researching company quarterly reports, earning calls, or even having a read of their online blogs and article postings. Integrate this research into your conversation with the interviewer, and highlight your genuine interest in the organisation. This preparation is bound to impress, and will make you stand out from the crowd. Talk about researching their place in the market, their clients and current work, when answering questions you will automatically tailor these answers according to your reading…

Ask Away

Although you will be expecting to face all the questions, remember an interview is a two way discussion, so don’t be afraid to ask your own. It’s just as important that you believe the organisation and position is the right fit for you, so any queries should be raised. We advise compiling a short list in your head before your interview. Perhaps you want to ask about their personal development plans, what the company goals are for the future, or even why this position is available to begin with. Not only will this show you have a genuine interest in the role, but through asking the right questions, will prevent you from looking ‘too available’ to employers. See you as a peer…

First Impression is Key

We all know dressing appropriately and looking smart is a given for interviews, but when recent research revealed that interviewers will make an initial judgement within 7 seconds of meeting you, creating the best first impression is key. Your interview begins as soon as you walk through the door, so smile, shake hands and hold eye contact. Also, speak clearly when introducing yourself. These fundamentals can make a world of difference when employers make their initial judgements and will assist in projecting an air of confidence.

Get in the Know

Whilst we have already advised researching the organisation you are interviewing with, it is just as important to keep up to date with what’s happening within your industry of expertise. Subscribe to relevant information technology magazines, blogs and company newsletters, as this will keep you in the loop with the latest news, any regulation changes and industry updates etc. We also recommend signing up for Google Alerts, which emails you anytime a new story appears for a specific term. Simply create a Gmail account and type in the sector you want to keep connected with, whether it’s digital, SAP, cloud and infrastructure etc. or just IT in general. This up to date knowledge will provide ammo for your conversation with your interviewer, whilst impressing both our recruitment team, and your potential new employer.