The Network Relocation Tips for candidates

​​The Network's Tips for Relocating

Relocating for a new job can often be a daunting experience.

Attempting to juggle finding a home, adjusting to new cultures, building support networks etc. whilst also mastering your new job, may make the overall experience stressful at times. However, take note that your skills and expertise have been recognised, and you have been deemed a valuable asset by your new employer. If the process becomes overwhelming at times, remember this is a positive and exciting move to progress your career and provide you with new life experiences.

To make relocating a little smoother, The Network have devised the following tips for a successful transition:

Know what's on offer

With oversea transfers more common than ever in the IT industry, many organisations offer relocation assistance when making the move. Invest time in getting to know what help is available from your new employer. Any queries, just ask, as many organisations will be flexible with their relocation plans. Whether it is paying estate agent fees, covering personal shipping costs or assistance in helping your spouse with employment leads, any additional help will make the move a little smoother. If relocation assistance isn’t typically offered, make sure you ask for it. Remember, your new employer has deemed you a valuable addition to their team, so don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Organisation is Key

As discussed, it is often the logistics of relocating that can cause the most chaos. Whether it’s sourcing new schools for the kids, finding a new apartment or selling your cars back home, staying organised is key when making the move. Writing lists, one for departure and one for arrival, will keep you on track and ensure no important details are forgotten. These lists will also help to motivate, as ticking off completed tasks highlights that you are one step closer to your fresh start.

Get in the Know

The first few weeks of your big move can often be tricky as you get to know the city you now call home. Where is the best place for coffee? Where will you get your dry cleaning done? How close is the nearest food store? Before leaving, do your research and learn a little about your new hometown and its cultures. Once arrived, if you have time to explore the local neighbourhoods, do so, as living in an area that partners your lifestyle can make all the difference. Read up on local blogs and newspapers but also don’t be afraid to ask your new colleagues for recommendations. It will only be a matter of time before you’re offering advice to the locals!

Stay Connected!

In previous years, making an international move meant keeping in touch with family and friends could often prove difficult. With developments in today’s technologies, this is no longer the case, and getting in touch with home is easier than ever. Update your phone/laptops with the latest technologies. Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger etc. mean loved ones are only an instant message/video call away!

Get Supported

Whilst keeping in touch with loved ones back home will ease the transition, it is just as important to invest time building a new support network around you when relocating. Network for new friends in the same way you would network for a new job, as it is often not what you know, but who you know. Maybe family/friends back home have people they can put you in touch with? If not, use online platforms and social media to meet others in the area who have similar interests and hobbies. Are your new colleagues going for Friday lunch time drinks? Do they have a company sports team you could join? Take advantage of as many social situations available to you as possible, as the faster that your support network expands, the more at home you will feel.

Finally... embrace the change!

We know that the decision to relocate can be massive, and there may be a few stressful, overwhelming days experienced, but at The Network, we fully recommend embracing this change and focusing on all the positives that relocation provides. Not only have you secured a new job that will accelerate your career, your new employer has deemed you an essential addition to their team, and are willing to transfer you overseas to make this happen. With a career confidence boost, new cultures and new climates to enjoy (particularly if you’re moving to the sunshine), a fresh start can be just what you, and your career needs.