The Network CV Writing Tips and Tricks

The Network's CV Writing Tips

​If a picture is worth a thousand words - how do you make sure your CV paints the right image of your career achievements?

With employers and recruitment consultants receiving hundreds of CVs on a monthly basis, The Network can give you all the tools you need to make sure yours makes the cut. Here at The Network, we have devised the following hints and tips to ensure your CV stands out from the crowd.

Know Your Role

Before getting started, invest time deciding what kind of role you are seeking and the experience this may require. Think about the skills and expertise your ideal job would entail, and integrate this into your writing. It is important to construct your CV to target the roles that you want, as a generic resume will simply be disregarded by potential employers. Don’t be lazy! Take the time to invest in your CV and really think about where it will take your career, even each position that you apply for.

Easy on the Eye

Once content is established, it is equally important to focus on the layout and presentation of your CV. Employers and recruiters won’t take the time to read a four page document filled with lengthy paragraphs. The layout should be clear and concise, aiming to stick to two A4 pages when possible. We suggest integrating bullet point lists to break up your skills and experience, as this will make the important information stand out. Remember, potential employers are wanting to know who you are today. Any experience dating back 10 years is not particularly relevant, so keep it brief!

And don’t forget the CV hotspot! Research shows that a recruiter’s eyes will naturally fall to the upper section of the first page so try include any key technology skills and experience there.

Get Descriptive

Within the technology industry, potential employers and recruiters seek to know the technologies you have worked with and exactly how you have used them. Implement adjectives when describing your experience, as this will enhance the methods when highlighting how you have applied your technical know-how. Did you design, architect, migrate or deliver? Let employers know, as this will impress. Also, if you are technical, then present a technical CV. Get into the detail of the technologies and the products within suites you have worked with- make your strengths stand out.

Paint a Picture

Following from describing your experience within previous roles, at The Network we recommend candidates outline details of any key projects or key achievements accomplished within your time in that position. This helps “paint a picture” to potential employers of not just what you do, but how you do it. Be precise with this technology experience, however, and really focus on what you want to do in your next job. Steer away from mentioning skills for the sake of it as this will dilute the key strengths that you want standing out in your CV.

The Here and Now!

Finally, updating your CV on a regular basis is key. With the technology industry evolving and developing at a rapid pace, gaining new skills and knowledge of the latest procedures, products, legislation etc. is particularly important. Potential employers are always impressed by candidates who go the extra mile to enhance their skill set to progress their careers, so be sure to note any new experience down!