The Network Service Lines for Employers

Our Service Lines are tailor-made to suit your needs

Our services are specialised to suit the needs of your organisation. We offer a range of service models to suit your business needs, whether it be traditional permanent or contract recruitment, through to specialised payroll services or 6-month payment plans. Our knowledge and global network ensure that you have access to top IT talent, wherever you may be.

Our Service Models

  • Permanent & Contract Recruitment
    Traditional Recruitment sourcing for full-time permanent and contract IT professionals to support the long-term growth as well as to fulfill temporary gaps in the workforce to meet business demands.

  • Time & Materials and SoW Resourcing Solution
    A unique and flexible engagement model that allows you to access on-demand resources and onboard them extremely fast. 

  • AGSVA Security Cleared ICT Resources (Baseline/NV1/NV2/TSPV) 
    Access our Virtual Bench of security cleared resources that are experienced and ready for their next government or defence assignment.

  • Workforce & Augmentation Solutions
    Access our Virtual Bench of over 700+ ICT professionals to scale your workforce to meet business demands, backfill gaps in the existing workforce or increase your IT operational capacity.

  • Payroll as a Service
    The Network has all of the experience, structure and processes to manage and payroll your Contingent Workforce through our Payroll as a Serviceoffering. Whether it be a single contractor or your entire contingent workforce, we will streamline your invoicing and processes, whilst ensuring your business and workforce is compliant, insured, and of course, paid correctly and on time!

  • Perm-As-You-Go
    Don't want to pay a large upfront recruitment fee? Perm-As-You-Goallows you to split the recruitment fee across 6 monthly installments, interest-free!

The Network consultants are all experts within their field

By joining niche IT communities, The Network team develops their knowledge within the emerging technologies space, while actively seeking skilled IT professionals that will enhance both company culture and business productivity.

We devote time researching current market activities, predicting where the IT industry is heading, and locating talent that will allow your business to get there. By investing in emerging technologies, we advance our CRM and recruitment practices, utilising the latest software to ensure thorough searching capability. We advance our consultants’ IT knowledge by implementing the latest training practices, ensuring The Network’s IT recruitment knowledge is always as up-to-date as possible.

We are global

With candidates and clients in Australia, Asia, the United Kingdom and greater Europe, our team has developed a network that spans a global platform. Consistently locating talent from various points across the globe through utilising the latest social media platforms and CRM databases, our streamlined searching capabilities allow us to always ensure we locate the correct candidate, for the correct position.

By joining niche IT communities such as SLUG, AISA and VMUG, we widen our scope for locating specialised IT professionals, while also becoming an integral element in the emerging technologies market space. With extensive experience in dealing with security clearance, necessary visa requirements and relocation needs, The Network’s talent pool continues to expand, as our consultants’ recruitment approach and knowledge attracts IT professionals of the highest caliber.