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About Michelle

​Michelle specialises in IT Project and Transformation resources. Her expertise range from plugging resource gaps within IT projects, through to augmentation and workforce solutions of entire project delivery teams. Michelle can deliver the IT professionals needed to successfully scope, manage and deliver our customers project requirements. Michelle has built up a solid reputation with her clients and candidates in the IT project services market across Australia. She is driven by innovative technologies and pioneering projects and is always monitoring market trends to ensure her network aligns.

Michelle is passionate about promoting diversity across the IT industry, supporting Women in IT and supporting working Mum’s to continue with their careers. Michelle grew up on the west coast of Scotland with a natural talent for sales and wanting to help people. Following a degree in Business Studies and Marketing, Michelle launched her career herself selling static caravans on the Scottish coastline which is not far off selling ice to Eskimos…

Upon arrival in Australia, she found herself cattle mustering in Western Australia, a skill which she now applies to herding high quality candidates and delivering them into her client’s projects and transformation programs. If you are looking to expand your team or start up a new project, give Michelle a confidential call to discuss the next steps.

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