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About Jade

Meet Jade Hansen: A Multi-Talented Leader in Recruitment
Jade Hansen is an experienced and skilled recruitment specialist with years of industry knowledge. She has worked across all recruitment areas, with IT being her most recent primary focus. Jade's educational background includes an MBA in Brand Awareness and Marketing, and qualifications in Governance, Risk Management, Human Resources, and Leadership.

Jade specializes in C-Suite and executive-level roles. Her exceptional leadership and business management skills make her a valuable asset to her team. Jade has a passion for bringing teams together, creating a positive work culture, and providing her team members with the tools they need to grow and excel in their roles. She enjoys mentoring and encouraging her team members to step out of their comfort zones.

Jade works primarily with Commonwealth Government clients in health-related roles. She has extensive experience working in the NFP sector, particularly in executive-level roles and board recruitment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jade has worked on task forces, creating surge teams for special projects, and developing workforce solutions for areas requiring specialized skill sets with fast turnaround times.

Jade loves the fast-paced nature of recruitment, and she thrives on the buzz of multitasking and bringing everything together. She enjoys being a board member for a valuable NFP organization and serving on the Governance sub-committee. Beyond her professional interests, Jade is a lover of interiors, architecture, and travel. She also has a passion for cooking, heading to the farmers' market on Sundays to get ingredients for her incredible baking.

Jade is always available for a confidential chat, should you be looking to move into your next role.