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About Alexandra

Originally from country NSW, Alex brings over 12 years experience in the recruitment industry working across Australia and New Zealand.

My clients work with me first and foremost for my recruitment skills and networks, which enable me to seek out and attract talent for their business, in a number of cases building out entire teams for the organisation. I am also very passionate about engaging with clients on a strategic level, providing them with market segment information, consulting with them on their brand within their given market from a recruitment perspective, internal recruitment processes and also working with their internal teams on go-to-market strategies for recruitment drives.

I feel it is very important to build relationships that are mutually beneficial for both sides. For me it is crucial to have long-standing relationships with clients that trust me and my ability to find them the talent they are looking for. One of the most important things, and what I truly believe many companies under estimate when choosing a recruitment partner, is that the business is “employing” a partner who should be investing in the stability and success of their team, and who will become an external ambassador for their company when it comes to talent attraction.


After travelling and living in the UK and NZ Alex has settled in Canberra and enjoys playing tennis and is attempting to learn guitar… albeit not terribly successfully.