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Posted on 08 October 2020

​Since the beginning of 2020, The Network has been working with selected clients to launch a new recruitment fee model.

Our new Perm-As-You-Go model removes large upfront fees and splits them into 6 equal interest-free monthly payments. This helps clients manage cash-flow during these unsettled times. And the best part - if the employee stops working, the client stops paying.

Unlike other offerings in the market that introduce a third party to the relationship and interest on payments, The Network deals directly with its clients and handles the entire process in-house, interest free.

Perm-As-You-Go is a reaction to these unsettled times brought on by COVID-19. The Network wanted to find a way to support smaller clients looking for great talent. For job seekers, it means that job opportunities have expanded to include smaller boutique or start-up technology companies which traditionally may not have been able to afford to take them on permanently.

The Network CEO, Gary Hinksman, says “Influenced by market dynamics and great idea companies like After-Pay, I believe our Perm-As-You-Go recruitment fee model will become the standard globally. The world is changing, and we are changing with it.”

The Network Director, Martin Sharman, says “We have seen unprecedented demand for our Perm-As-You-Go recruitment model. When bidding for new work and new clients, The Network are regularly displacing our global competitors who are stuck in traditional recruitment mindsets.”

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